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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the SKINTITE range
The 100% organic cotton clothing range is designed to facilitate skin protection and maintenance for all ages.  Ideal for aged care, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis management. The range includes pyjamasuits and babysuits with enclosed hands and feet suitable for wet/dry dressings and skin protection, summer /winter pyjamas, nighties, mits, neck wraps and head wraps. Comfortable to wear with seams and labels on the outside the range facilitates cream use and skin protection from scratching. All garments are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

What is a Wet Dressing?
Wet Dressings are simply damp bandages used to cover areas of skin which are involved in conditions like eczema. They have been used by dermatologists for many years and their safety and usefulness is proven. However they are mainly used in hospitals, where they consist of as many as 3 layers of bandages and cotton.

Wet Dressings benefit the skin by enhancing the absorption of creams, by their cooling, soothing effect, and by making it difficult for child to scratch. Many babies, children and adults with eczema and other itchy skin conditions would benefit from wet dressings at home, but they are difficult to apply without assistance, time consuming and expensive. SKINTITE can help.

Can Wet Dressings be done at home?
With SKINTITE babysuits and pyjamasuits wet dressings can be quickly and easily applied at home. The suit can be worn anytime or overnight. It can also be applied dry, simply to protect the skin. Designed with a dermatologist and an eczema sufferer the suit goes on quickly and easily and can be applied in 5 minutes. It can be removed just as quickly.

How do I do a Wet Dressing at home?
Using the Wet Dressing Pack makes doing wet dressings at home easy.

  1. To create a wet dressing apply creams to patient as recommended by the doctor.
  2. Put on the light weight SKINTITE WET DRESSING pyjamasuit or babysuit labelled LAYER 1.
  3. Sponge and spray the suit with water until damp.
  4. Put on the SKINTITE WET DRESSING pyjamasuit or babysuit labelled LAYER 2.
  5. The wet dressing is now complete

**if further tightening of the dressing is required bandage over the top of the suit attaching bandages to the loops provided.

What if my eczema is not severe?
The pyjamasuit and babysuit are ideal to use to protect the skin from the effects of scratching, keep skin clean and save on cream use.  When eczema is not severe the pyjamasuit and babysuit can be worn as a pyjama. These garments can be used for wet dressings by attaching bandages to the loops.

My child has eczema on their face. What should I do?
The sealed off hands garments e.g., babysuit, pyjamasuit, nighties and tops help to minimise the damage caused by scratching.

What happens if I order the wrong size?
SKINTITE will provide an exchange if the wrong size item is ordered provided they have not been worn. If unsure speak to a consultant. Postage for return of the item is the responsibility of the buyer and SKINTITE will cover the postage for the replacement item.

Are the adult sized Mits fastened with ties?
No. The adult size Mits are fastened with Velcro. Ties are only used for children’s Mits.

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